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Water Facts

About pH and ORP

What is Oxidation Reduction Potential?(ORP)..

  • Negative ORP is a measurement of an aqueous substances’ ability to reduce oxidation
  • A positive ORP will increase oxidation
  • Water can have either a negative or positive ORP
  • Water ionizers are used to make alkaline water with a negative ORP

What is Oxidation?

  • Rust is the oxidized form of metal
  • Oxidation happens when oxygen destroys a substance by stealing electrons from it
  • Free radicals are oxidants
  • Acids are also oxidants

What is pH?

  • pH stands for “Potential Hydrogen” it measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution
  • pH of 7 is considered neutral, a pH above 7 is alkaline, below 7 is acidic
  • Alkaline water has a pH greater than 7

Effect of pH on the human body

The human body contains both acids and bases. The body maintains the pH of blood between 7.35 and 7.45. The pHlevel of the urine varies, so Doctors often measure urine pH to evaluate the pH level of the body. Low urine pHhas been associated with Metabolic Syndrome, the symptoms of which are:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Insulin resistance
  • High Cholesterol
  • Kidney stones

Amazing but true! According to Low Urine pH: A Novel Feature of Metabolic Syndrome, A difference of less than1pH in your urine may determine whether or not you will suffer from the symptoms of metabolic syndrome!

"Participants with the metabolic syndrome had a significantly lower 24-h urine pH compared with participants without the metabolic syndrome. Mean 24-h urine pH, adjusted for age, gender, creatinine clearance, and 24-h urine sulfate, decreased from 6.15, 6.10, 5.99, 5.85, to 5.69 with increasing number of metabolic syndrome abnormalities". - (2007 Maalouf, et al pg 1, paragraph 3)

If you think you may be affected by metabolic syndrome, talk to your doctor.


Maalouf N. et. al. Low Urine pH: A Novel Feature of the Metabolic Syndrome University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center: http://cjasn.asnjournals.org/content/2/5/883.full.pdf

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Why Alkaline Water Is Good For Health

Why it’s healthy Alkaline water is healthy because of its acid-fighting alkaline pH balance, the nutritious minerals in it, and the fact that it hydrates your body faster and more thoroughly than plain water. These benefits have been linked to weight loss, detoxification, improved pH balance, better bone health and other health benefits that have been reported in over 40 studies.

Advantage: Water According to the World Health Organization, minerals are absorbed 30% faster and easier from water than they are from food! Water ionizers concentrate those healthy minerals in your water, maximizing their health benefits!

Look who’s drinking alkaline ionized water! Pop superstar Beyonce Knowles won’t go on tour without it. Dr. Don Colbert uses alkaline water by LIFE in his practice to treat his patient’s toughest body acidity problems. Pro athletes Derrick Lee and Barry Zeto and many, many others swear by by LIFE because of they can feel the  difference alkaline water by LIFE Ionizers makes in their workouts.

Top 4 health benefits of alkaline water and the research that proves it

  1. Detoxification from 10 Heavy Metals: Drinking alkaline water has been shown to help the body to expel 10 different heavy metals. (Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas). Research conducted in Sweden on the long term benefits of alkaline ionized water for detoxification shows that maintaining an alkaline pH balance can protect you from the harmful effects of mercury.

  1. Weight Loss:12 Pounds in 2 Months- Drinking alkaline water has been shown to help you lose weight. A clinical study tracked the weight of four people who began drinking alkaline water. The study followed the new drinkers for two months. The study participants lost 12 pounds from drinking alkaline water, and their bodies released significant amounts of 10 different heavy metals. The doctors who conducted the study proposed that the weight loss and the detoxification worked together: As the weight came off, heavy metals stored in the fat tissue were released (Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas)

  1. 21% Lower Cholesterol: Alkaline water has been shown to lower harmful V-LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in clinical testing. One study showed a significant benefit. At the beginning of the study, test subjects had an average of 110 mg/dl triglycerides. At the end of the study, their average triglyceride levels had dropped to 87.2! A  21% drop in harmful triglyceride levels. (Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas)

  1. Reduced Bone Loss: There are two reasons why alkaline water is good for bone health. Drinking it can raise both blood and urine pH, helping to prevent bodily acidity from eating away at your bones. It also supplies your body with easy-to-absorb calcium and magnesium. In fact, drinking alkaline water can improve your body’s calcium levels - even if you get enough calcium in your diet! (Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas) (Wynn, E, MA Krieg, JM Aeschlimann, and P Burckhardt)

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LIFE Ionizers customers have sent us countless testimonials about the successes they’ve had in overcoming health challenges, and about how much they love their LIFE Ionizer. In fact, LIFE Ionizers are so well-loved by their owners that more LIFE owners choose to upgrade to a new model LIFE Ionizer than any other water ionizer brand. Could it be that they really love the taste?

Better taste, better water Alkaline water by LIFE tastes better than the water you’re drinking right now, in fact, we guarantee it’s the best tasting water you ever drank.

Why alkaline water by LIFE Ionizers is best for health

The best alkaline water for health is purified, free of toxins, with high alkalinity - the ability to neutralize acid, and high antioxidant potential. LIFE Ionizers leads the water ionizer industry these exclusive - LIFE Ionizers only - technologies that make alkaline water that can take on the toughest health challenges:

  • Max Power - Advanced SMPS Power System - More power than competing ionizers - up to 800 watts

  • Heavy Duty GRID Plate Technology - 10 -15% higher alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant potential.  

  • The advanced Platinum/Titanium plates on our top of the line models have more plate surface than the Enagic/Kangen models.

  • More Antioxidant Potential at a drinkable pH.  This is because the combination of the size of the plates and the high power delivered creates the highest ORP of any residential model.

  • Advanced Filtration - Enhanced water purification with our customized pre-filter systems.

  • Vitamin C Ceramic Block Filter Technology - Advanced filtration technology that is effective against chlorine and chloramines

  • Free water quality report analysis - We make sure you have the right filters for your water quality

  • Unlimited lifetime warranty on parts & labor - On top-of-the-line LIFE Ionizers

  • Free one year membership in the Alkaline Lifestyle community. A community of healthy people dedicated to alkaline living.

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Bottled Water

Why a water ionizer is better than bottled water:

 Savings: Bottled water costs up to 1900% more than tap water
  • Purity: LIFE Ionizers custom pre-filtration purifies your water before it is ionized
  • Convenience: Going to the store for bottled water becomes a thing of the past!
  • Taste: Raising the pH of water with a water ionizer has been shown to improve taste
  • You can finance a water ionizer for less than you may be paying for bottled water!

Bottled water may not be as healthy as you think…

A 2008 Study of on 10 popular brands of bottled water conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found disinfection byproducts, fertilizer residue, and pain medication in all of them.

  • Some bottled waters are nothing more than filtered tap water.
  • Bottled mineral waters may contain high levels of sodium
  • Reverse osmosis - used to “purify” some bottled water - strips essential minerals from water. (N.A. Environmental Working Group)

Do you really know what’s in bottled water?

  • According to the FDA: "bottled water plants generally are assigned low priority for inspection"
  • The FDA monitors bottled waters for impurities, but does not monitor pH levels.
  • Bottled water companies are not required to disclose to the public how they treat their water, or what contaminants have been found in it.
  • The FDA allows fluoride to be added to bottled water (N.A. FDA)

The Advantages of Alkaline Ionized Water

  • Made without using chemicals
  • Filtered and ionized for optimum quality
  • Saves money over bottled water, just pennies a gallon to make!
  • Raising pH with an ionizer has been shown to improve the taste of water (Koseki M, Tanaka Y and et al)tion 

Ionization Process

Alklaine Water Facts

How to Make Alkaline Water

Ways to make alkaline water

How exactly is Alkaline Water made? There are many ways to make alkaline water: You could use a little baking soda and make your water alkaline, or you could add lemon juice to water and alkalize that way. You may be thinking: But wait! Isn’t lemon juice acidic? How do I alkalize by making my water acidic? Yes, lemon juice is acidic, but drinking  it actually ends up alkalizing your body!.

Think that sounds confusing? You’re not alone. There’s a lot of chemistry that  can be real confusing involved in making alkaline water that is healthy to drink. We here at LIFE Ionizers get a lot of questions about how to make alkaline water and what makes it healthy to drink. In our eBook, How to Make Alkaline Water our experts have done the heavy lifting for you with research on every method of creating alkaline water.

Did you know? There are two kinds of alkaline water: Age-fighting antioxidant alkaline water and plain alkaline water. In How to Make Alkaline Water, we’ll explain the difference so you make sure your alkaline water has age-fighting antioxidant potential!

What’s inside How to Make Alkaline Water  

In this ebooklet, you will learn what alkaline water is and how it is made. We’ll explain why drinking lemon juice and water makes your body more alkaline. You’ll learn about the machines that make alkaline water, did you know there are two different kinds? Water Ionizers and Water Alkalizers.both make alkaline water, but they work very differently. We’ll explain how each works, and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

How is alkaline water made without a machine?

In How to Make Alkaline Water, we’ll explain each method, and tell you what you need to know about each method so that whichever method you choose, you’re drinking the healthiest water possible. You’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the mistakes that new drinkers make that could wreck their health!

Added Bonus: How to test for low stomach acid using baking sodaLow stomach acid can cause a host of digestive problems including acid reflux! It’s amazing but true! Low stomach acidity means that your digestive system is out of whack, and that may cause it to release stomach acid at the wrong time, triggering the painful burn of Acid Reflux. Don’t worry. We’ll show you how to test yourself for low stomach acid, and what you you can do about it if you have it.

Which method of making alkaline water is best?

We’ll give you an apples-to-apples comparison of each method - with a machine and without - so you can choose the best method for making alkaline water in your home. By the end of this eBook, you’ll be ready to make the informed choice that helps you take control of your health with alkaline water!

Become an Alkaline Academic

With over 30 pages of resource rich information, “How To Make Alkaline Water” will arm you with the data needed to make the informed choice about your health.

Sign up now and receive our 5 day Alkaline Academic course. Become an alkaline expert in no time! Need more information?

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How Ionizers Work

What water ionizers do: Water ionizers work by by using electromagnetism to change ordinary tap water into ionized alkaline water with acid-fighting alkalinity and antioxidant potential. Plain water is a mix of alkaline minerals and carbonate - dissolved CO2. A water ionizer separates the carbonate from tap water from the alkaline minerals. The alkaline minerals, and the acidic carbonate are discharged in a separate streams of water. By separating the alkaline elements in tap water from the acidic elements, a water ionizer enables you to get the benefit of the natural acid-fighting alkalinity the alkaline minerals in your water like calcium and magnesium. These alkaline minerals, once freed of the carbonate, gain antioxidant potential and acid fighting alkalinity.

How Water Ionizers work - The Process of Electrodialysis

Inside a water ionizer water runs across charged plates which are separated by a special membrane - called an Ion-Permeable Membrane. That membrane allows energetically charged atoms and molecules - called ions - to pass through. It doesn’t allow energetically neutral atoms and molecules to pass through. Water molecules are energetically neutral, so they don’t pass through the membrane. The alkaline mineral ions in water, and the carbonate ions in water both have energetic charges, so they’re allowed to pass through. This separates the alkaline minerals from the acidic carbonate.

The alkaline minerals in water have a positive energetic charge - that makes them positively charged ions. Likewise, the acidic carbonate in water have a negative electrical charge, which makes them negatively charged ions.

The electromagnetically charged plates in a water ionizer separate those ions. The positively charged alkaline mineral ions are attracted to the negative plates. The acidic carbonate is attracted to the positively charged plates. The ion-permeable membrane allows both the positively charged alkaline mineral ions, and the negatively charged carbonate ions to pass through it, which then separates these ions into two chambers.

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Water ionizers make two streams of water

Once separated, the ions in both chambers react with the water that’s inside each chamber to make alkaline and acidic waters. Each type of water is discharged a separate stream coming out of the water ionizer. The alkaline minerals are discharged in the alkaline stream as alkaline mineral water. The acidic carbonate is discharged in the acidic water stream as a solution of carbonic acid. When you dissolve CO2 into water, it makes carbonic acid.

Why Alkaline water has Age-Fighting Antioxidant Potential 

Once freed of the acidic carbonate, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are highly unstable. They immediately react with water molecules by grabbing a hydroxyl ion from them to form alkaline mineral hydrates. The alkaline minerals’ positive energetic charge is able to take a hydroxyl ion from a water molecule because it overcomes the energetic force holding the water molecule together. When this happens, the alkaline mineral ion gains the hydroxyl ion, and an atom of hydrogen is released. It is because of this reaction that alkaline water from a water ionizer is rich in hydrogen. Thanks to the negative energetic charge of the hydroxyl ion, the alkaline water in a water ionizer gains a negative energetic charge, which is called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). The negative ORP of alkaline water from a water ionizer gives it the ability to reduce oxidative substances, such as free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Oxidative substances in the body are believed to be a major factor in disease and aging. It is the Oxidation Reduction Potential of alkaline water that gives it the potential to work as an antioxidant.

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Acidic water is an oxidant

Likewise the carbonate ion also reacts with the water it’s in to form carbonic acid. The carbonate ion grabs two hydrogen ions from the water molecule, which then releases an oxygen atom. This is why the acidic water from a water ionizer is rich in oxygen.

The process of oxidation When oxygen combines with any substance, it grabs electrons from that substance. When that happens, the substance that lost electrons to the oxygen is destroyed. That process is called oxidation. Because the acidic water is rich in oxygen, it is an oxidant that is powerful enough to destroy some organisms by oxidizing them. Because of that, acidic water from a water ionizer can be used for sanitation.

The Mystery Solved!

Why Alkaline Water is Different from Tap Water

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is different from tap water because the mineral hydrates in alkaline water give it healthy qualities that you don’t get from tap water:

  • Acid fighting alkalinity - Alkaline water can neutralize acids
  • Antioxidant potential - Alkaline water reduces harmful oxidation
  • Better taste - Alkaline water is slightly sweeter and a lot more refreshing!

Tap water doesn’t have any of those healthy qualities because those healthy benefits are locked up by the acidic carbonate in tap water. The acidic carbonate simply balances out the alkaline minerals, making tap water energetically neutral. Perhaps that’s the reason why tap water tastes ‘dead’ compared to alkaline water!

Why LIFE Water Ionizers Make Better Alkaline Water

Purity: LIFE Ionizers is the industry leader in water ionizers filtration because every LIFE Ionizer comes with custom filtration that targets the specific toxins found in your local water supply. How do we know which toxins are in your water? Your local water authority reports any toxins they find in your water to the EPA annually. LIFE Ionizers uses that report to find out what toxins are in your water. We then customize your filtration system to give you the best possible protection from those toxins. LIFE Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that does this for you. If you want this level of protection from any other brand of water ionizer, you’re on your own.

Power: It takes a lot of power to separate the alkaline minerals in water from the acidic carbonate. Simply put, the more power you have, the more electromagnetic force you can create. Top-of-the-line LIFE Ionizers can adjust up to 800 watts of power - making LIFE Ionizers the most powerful water ionizers in the world.

Platinum: LIFE Ionizer plates have our exclusive MAX Coating - 8 coats of platinum for outstanding performance and durability - twice as many layers as competing ionizers! This is why a LIFE Ionizer has more power than competing ionizers. The stronger the plates the more power a water ionizer can have. The plates in a LIFE Ionizer are so durable, they’re guaranteed for life.

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What is Ionized Water?

Ionized water is water with mineral ions in it. Minerals in water become ionized when they either gain or lose electrons. All water found in nature has minerals in it.

  • Ionized water has minerals in it. All water found in nature is ionized to some extent

  • Deionized water has no minerals in it. It is made by distilling water or through reverse osmosis.

  • Water with no minerals in it is not natural water, all natural water has minerals in it.

Two Kinds of Ionized Water

Ionized alkaline water is also known as Electrolyzed Reduced Water because it has been shown in laboratory settings to reduce the effects of oxidation. The ability of ionized alkaline water to reduce oxidative damage is referred to as its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

Oxidation – Happens when an acidic substance steals electrons from a substance. Oxidation will damage or destroy a substance; it causes cut apples to turn brown, and metal to rust. Acidic water oxidizes things - including body tissues and DNA, by stealing electrons from them. Doctors recommend antioxidant foods to stop the damage caused by oxidation

Reduction - Happens when an antioxidant substance gives electrons to a substance such as free radicals that attack body tissues and DNA. The antioxidant reduces the free radicals ability to oxidize tissues and DNA. Medical science suggests this process help keep you healthy.

Ionized alkalinewater is known by scientists as Electrolyzed Reduced Water, because it reduces oxidation. ERW has extra electrons which can reduce the ability of harmful substances to oxidize things like tissues and DNA. Research into the health benefits of the reduction caused by ERW is ongoing.


Ionized acidic water is known by scientists as Electrolyzed Oxidative Water (EOW) because it increases oxidation. It’s ability to increase oxidation gives EOW the ability to sanitize surfaces, tools, kitchen implements and more. When it’s made with salt, EOW becomes a powerful disinfectant that replaces many toxic household cleaners.

How is Ionized Water Made?

Tap water is a mixture of two kinds of ions: Mineral ions, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, and bicarbonate ions. Those mineral ions have a positive electromagnetic charge. Bicarbonate is dissolved CO2, it’s formed when CO2 is absorbed by water from the air. Bicarbonate has a negative electromagnetic charge.

Home water ionizers use electromagnetism to separate the positively charged minerals from the negatively charged bicarbonate. Water ionizers have charged plates, which act just like magnets, they attract the ions that have the opposite charge they do. When that happens, the ions pass through a membrane called a Bipolar Exchange Membrane. The membrane allows ions to pass through it, but it doesn’t allow other types of particles to cross.

The ion separation process makes both alkaline and acidic waters at the same time because the membrane separates the minerals from the bicarbonate. That makes the water inside the alkaline chamber into alkaline water, and the water inside the acidic chamber into acidic water.

In-Vitro Study on ionized water shows it can reduce oxidative damage to DNA strands

The study, called Electrolyzed–Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protects DNA from Oxidative Damage examined ionized alkaline water’s ability to stop oxidative damage done to our DNA by harmful oxidants like free radicals. Oxidation by free radicals has been linked to premature aging and degenerative disease.


The study was done In-Vitro which means: In glass, such as a test tube. In vitro experiments are done in glass or plastic vessels in a laboratory. The study showed that Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ionized alkaline water) made by a water ionizer prevented DNA from being oxidized by free radicals. Research on the antioxidant properties of alkaline water is ongoing. If successful, it would result in antioxidant water being used to protect DNA from the oxidative damage that is associated with premature aging and degenerative disease.

Does ionized water have health benefits

There are many studies like the one above that suggest that drinking ionized alkaline water does have health benefits. Could it help improve your health? Everyone’s body is different, the best way to find out if alkaline water may help in your case is to call us. There are over 40 studies on the health benefits of drinking alkaline water - and we’ve read them all - give us a call, we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

Everyone’s drinking alkaline water for health these days. Find out what studies suggest it could do for you by calling us at 1 313 736-1040.